Ranger Wags Part 3

I became increasing uncomfortable, but thought that since I had agreed (reluctantly), that I had no choice but to go with him. I was afraid of him getting angry with me. We went to Godfathers (clear on the other side of town in a snow storm), and had a nice meal. During the meal there were no sexual connotations, just conversations about how he had become an Airborne Ranger, and how he was now working for his Father-in-law in construction. I started to relax, thinking that I had been worried for nothing, that this would just be a nice dinner, and I was certainly relieved.

When dinner was over, SSG Wags asked if I would like to go somewhere and have a drink. I said sure, that I could probably get in some place with my Military ID, that it had worked before. We stopped at a gas station, and he asked me what kind of beer I drank. So I told him that I drank Bud Light, and asked him why he needed to know. SSG Wags did not respond, he just got out of the truck, and went inside. When he returned, he had a 6-pack of Bud Light, and I asked him what it was for, he said for me. I didn’t think much of this, I figured he bought it so I could have one on the way to the bar. He drove us to his hotel, the Hawaiian Inn, I asked what we were doing there. SSG Wags said that I was crazy if I thought he was going to risk getting into trouble by trying to get a minor into a bar. He said that he always stayed in the Armory every drill weekend, and had started renting a room at the Hawaiian Inn lately, because PFC U was driving him crazy at the Armory, and he would rather rent a room, than to have to put up with PFC U one more night. And besides, he also had privacy now. I didn’t know what to do, I was extremely uncomfortable, but I thought that I could just have one or two beers, and then he would take me home. I really didn’t like the idea of going into his room, but I didn’t know what to do, since I had agreed to have a drink with him. I thought that maybe I was reading too much into this situation, I mean, he hadn’t said anything out of place during dinner, so maybe this would just be one drink and I could go home.



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