Ranger Wags Part 2

Then I received the second letter. The second letter started out as another motivational letter, and he invited me out for pizza when I got back. I was absolutely happy about this invitation, because for two years now I had been hearing about “Ranger Wags” famous pizza parties, and always felt excluded because he hated me. SSG Ranger Wags said that he did not hold me responsible for him being fired. He told me that he knew I had done the best that I could, and the important thing now, was the fact that I did enlist, and he told me how wonderful things would be when I came home. In this letter, one sentence would be offering me more encouragement, and the next would hint about possibly dating. I got a serious case of the creeps, until I finally figured out that he must have just been joking with me, to see if I would fall for it-which I almost did. I came to this conclusion, because from what I had seen, this seemed to be just the thing that he would do. So, I answered this letter, and told SSG Ranger Wags that he had almost got me, but I figured it out. I told him that I thought it was a very funny joke, making me think that he was interested in me (considering the fact that he was married).

The thrid letter he wrote said that he was not kidding about us seeing each other. On the contrary, Ranger Wags said that we WOULD go out for pizza when I got home. He als said that he and his wife had separated, and knowing that I would be coming home soon was the only thing that kept him going. I became more and more uncomfortable, racking my brain trying to figure out what I could have possibly done to make him belive that I was interested in him that way. I did not respond to this letter, I though he would get the hint and stop. I can not remember if he wrote another letter or not, but I think he di, and if he did, I did not respond.

I returned home on 16 Dec 1988, just before drill, and I managed to put SSG Ranger Wags off until February 1989. At that point, I felt that I had no other option, but to go out with him. So, I reluctantly agreed on Saturday of February’s drill that I would go with him for pizza. Actually, he told me that I didn’t have a choice, and that I would be going. I found out when he picked me up that night, that is wasn’t going to be a pizza party as I had been lead to belive. Instead, he said that it was going to be a private party, with just the two of us celebrating my homecoming.

So much more to come, and very painful.



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One Response to “Ranger Wags Part 2”

  1. enemyinthewire Says:

    This is Joan….

    Brigid and I actually shared the same recruiter – even though we didn’t know one another back then. Ranger Wags recruited me into the military in 1985. He also sent me letters at Basic Training. One of which I actually saved that Brigid has as part of her evidence. His letters left me feeling uncomfortable – although he wasn’t as open and obvious as he was with Brigid.

    The one thing that I clearly remember was him telling me that he wanted me to come to HIS unit – so that he could “take care of me.” For some reason that statement gave me that funny sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and I was very glad that I would be going to a different unit.

    I can’t help but wonder where they find these people. What gives these people the right to do what they do? What gives the military the right to turn a blind eye?

    I know that the rest of this story is probably some of the hardest information you will post, Brigid. Hang in there! I’ve got your back – yesterday, today and always.

    Love you!


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