My First Visit to the Inspector General – Part 1

I have decided that my next series of posts will be in regards to my Article 14, my visit to the IG, and the appeal. Because I went to the IG, it only caused more problems for me for years to come in my unit. If you are confused by what an Article 14 is, it is the same as an Article 15, but for National Guard and Reserves.

Here is the actual Article 14:

In that you did, on or about 10 Feb 91, without authority, absent yourself from your unit at which you were required to be at the time prescribed, to wit: (my unit). This is a violation of Article 298.83, ICMJ.


1. Reduction in rank to PVT (E-2)

2. Fine of 2 days (periods) pay

Filed as temporary document in the Miliary Personal Records Jacket to be destroyed after punishment is completed and 1 year has elapsed or member is transferred or is appointed as Officer/WO.

This is the letter I received from the Inspector General, after I finally had the nerve to do something about it:

Dear PV2 Brigid:

The following issues were a matter of inquiry by the Inspector General, Iowa Army National Guard. The results of that inquiry included:

a. You were provided inaccurate information on the appeals process of Article 14 punishment in that the appellate authority could increase the severity of the Company Commander’s punishment. That incorrect information swayed your decision not to appeal your punishment. The Company and Battalion Commander understand your dilemma and the Battalion Commander has agreed to hear your appeal. Recommend that you prepare a written request to appeal the punishment and provide this to your Company Commander expeditiously. Lt Col S has sent information about the appeal to your home. Your company office will schedule your appeal and notify you of the date and time your appeal will be heard.

b. You wer demoted/read your Article 14 (Iowa Form 2627) in front of the unit formation. Although no Army or National Guard Regulation specifically precludes this action, it is understood by most officers that this is not the most appropriate approach to notifying the unit of the status of unit punishments. AR 27-10 encourages commanders to read the results of punishments at formation and post the results on a unit bulletin board. Your commander may decide to do this.

c. Your pregnancy counselling has not been conducted in accordance with INGR 135-91. Your training NCO, SFC D, has made  arrangements to ensure that you counselling will take place at the next scheduled drill weekend.

d. Your maternity clothing has been ordered as required. Your supply sergeant has recently validated his original request at USPFO and USPFO indicates that your maternity clothes should be available by 20 Jul 91.

e. A copy of the Article 14 (Iowa Form 2627) was not given to you for your records in accordance with Iowa Miscellaneous Publication 9-2. Although the unit insists that a copy was provided to you after the NJP proceedings, instruction on the proper distribution of this Iowa Form was provided by myself to ensure proper distribution in the future.

Please ensure that you keep in contact with SFC D and your Commander regarding your appeal to ensure that you understand when and where the appeal will take place.

Should you experience any problems with the appeal process, please do not hesitate to call me at (IG’s number).


Inspector General


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