Unacceptable Situations

I have some moderate microscopic  blood in my urine and the VA MD isn’t sure why.  As a precaution, she is sending me for a CT scan and then a cystoscopy.  They are going to run a camera through my urethra and into my bladder.  NOT comfortable!  (no, Brigid…it is  most likely not cancer and it is not a tumor.  🙂  there are tons of other things it could be…love you and please don’t worry!)

So, I called the clinic this morning to make sure my appointment was with a female urologist.  “We don’t have a woman…but there will be a female in the room with you.”

Not acceptable!  Bottom line!  There is no way this side of hell that a man I do not know is going to be putting me through PAIN in that region and you expect me to stay on the table.  It is not going to happen.  They had better find a way to get me a female and they had better find a way to keep me on the table.  I don’t usually make demands but this procedure is NOT going to happen unless they make some accomodations!

I had to tolerate a male for comp and pen psyche.  Then, they gave me a female for medical comp and pen only to switch me without notice to a male.  Now they THINK I am going to lie still while some man that I have never met goes digging around my genitals in a painful procedure?  NO freakin way!

I have calls in to all the necessary people.  I will see what they can get done and update this as we go along.  We have a huge University Hospital right next door to the VA…I guess they can figure something out!

I guess this is my opportunity to fight the system.  (maybe that is the only reason there is blood in my urine – I don’t believe in coincidence!)  I will not go down without a fight and if I can’t change it here then what is the freaking point?!  I am on a special committee at my VA that deals with sensitive practices for ALL survivors of MST and this is part of our job.  It is part of our job to make sure that accomodations are made.  No one on the committee knows for sure that I am a survivor…except for the leader.  Of course, after this post many of them probably will figure it out because they have all received “online resources to better understanding” from the leader.  (with not only my permission but with my encouragement.  Part of the reason for the anonmity.)

If I have to scream to the committee, the patient reps, the urology dept, the director’s office, the women’s representatives, my legislative reps…the whole world…then I will make sure that this is NEVER a problem again.

Do not doubt that I will give every last bit that I have to see this change.


UPDATE:  1510

I asked the Urology nurse to call me back in the afternoon because mornings are busy at my job.  I got a call promptly at 1245.  I had to call her back because I was still very busy.  I called her back and she picked the phone right up – two rings!  I explained the situation the best that I could. 

“No problem!  We can send you to the University for a female.”

“What about sedation?  This procedure isn’t comfortable.”

“We can do sedation if you want.  Put you in a little twilight sleep.”

“Really!?  Because if I get to sleep through it…I can be okay with a male.”

“Sure – sedation it is!  Sure you don’t want to go to the U?”

“No – I don’t trust the U…I would rather have VA.”

Thank goodness for Linda.  We are doing it at the VA, same appt date and time – no sense waiting around stressing – and we are just going to have a female chaperone and a little sleep.  ( I have great luck with Twilight sedation!)

Best of all – we all learned some things!  (other people that I called on out of my concerns)  Urology is great to work with and is very, very sensitive to needs of patients! 



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2 Responses to “Unacceptable Situations”

  1. bookwitchery Says:

    Joan, I’m glad you stood up for yourself and fought for what you needed. Good luck on getting through the procedure and getting through the test.
    I’ll pray for you that the results are good.

  2. enemyinthewire Says:

    Thanks! I’m sure everything is going to go just fine. Years ago I was hospitalized twice for bleeding in my kidneys. My ex-husband had a real thing for “rabbit punches.” I am really thinking it is just left overs from that experience.


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