Sworn Statement Part 9-Conclusion

This was my written response to the formal counseling statement I received:

My response to the statement that going to the Red Roof Inn was por judgment is: at the time, I was under the impression that we would go somewhere to talk, and see what we could do to help the situation. I was highly upset about being demoted and any help I could get was welcome. the results of this meeting was the last hing I thought would happen, or wanted to happen. Hind site says that it was poor judgement, but at the time I did not feel it was poor judgement – I was mislead.

I also disagree about being flirtatious. I admit that I am friendly and nice to most people, but that does not mean I asked for this. I WILL NOT change my entire personality to please people. I will, however, be more professional in my dealings with other Guard members.

I do not believe that there was not enough evidence to proceed farther. I suffered 1 1/2 years of harassment from 1SG (Orange). I am not happy with the results. I am considering contacting a civilian lawyer and bringing a civil suit.

I also feel that I would rather be placed Inactive or transfer out of the National Guard. I am VERY disappointed, and I did not do anything wrong. I did not ask for this abuse.

SPC Brigid 20 Sep 92.


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2 Responses to “Sworn Statement Part 9-Conclusion”

  1. bookwitchery Says:

    Brigid, you are right. You DID NOT ask for this.
    I would wish you courage, but you seem to have plenty of that, so I will just send you good energy, thoughts, and prayers.

    Bless you, my dear, for speaking out.

  2. enemyinthewire Says:

    Thank you Bookwitchery!

    If you can stomach it, I have so much more. All of this is going to be sent as part of my Comp & Pen, but since I am speaking out, I thought it would be good to get the cold hard ickiness of it out there.

    I can say that I am not proud of many things I have done in my life, but standing up for myself and speaking out is not one of them. Not that it did me any good, just brought more abuse. But I never gave up, and I am not now.

    Just remember, you are brave too! 🙂

    Happy thoughts, and good energy right back at ya!


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