Sworn Statment Part 8

The findings:

20 Sep 92 SPC Brigid is being formally counseled by unit commander as per requirement from 113th Spt Group CDR, concerning sexual harassment investigation. Witness: SSG (Ricky).

SPC Brigid was informed of the results of the subject investigation, that there was not sufficient evidence to bring formal charges against the 1SG. She was informed that no disciplinary action is being brought toward her, however she is being formally counselled concerning her judgement in going to the Ref Roof Motel that night and discussing this investigation with various members of the unit. She was informed that some of the witnesses in the investigation indicated she sometimes acted flirtatious and this action should be discontinued and that sh must conduct herself in a professional manner.

SPC Brigid was told that an administrative letter of reprimand was given to the 1SG and placed in his MPRJ for two years.

SPC Brigid was told that the best thing to do is to recognize that this incident is over and to consider it closed.

The soldier was informed that the content of the 1SG’s counseling was his need to conduct himself more professionally in the future. I indicated I would be aware of situations similar to this in the future, and as much as possible prevent this from happening again.

SPC Brigid indicated concern the 1SG might hold a grudge against her on boards. I told her I felt the 1SG would act professionally but if possible would make opportunities for her to be boarded by others.

I informed SPC Brigid that if a situation arose again where she was asked to be in a counseling alone, to take her 1st line supervisor, PLT SGT, or PLT LDR with her. I informed SPC Brigid that the unit is and will continue to receive EEO and sexual harassment prevention briefings and that 1LT (Smarty) is the EEO officer or she s free to contact myself if the need arises.

Counseling given by current commander, 1LT (Big Bird).

Amazing that one of the witnesses to the harassment becomes my commander and gives me the counseling, stating he will be aware of situations in the future. What can I say? Disgusting, I know. The next installment is the last, and it will be my reaction to this counseling.



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