Sworn Statement Part 6

19. On 12 Jul 92 at about 1500 hrs, I finally worked up the nerve to talk to the 1SG. I asked him if I could talk to him privately. In his office, I told him, “This is very difficult. I don’t know how to say this. I just want to make you aware that you have been making comments that have been perceived by others maybe not what they were intended. And since this has happened, other people feel that they can make more descriptive and explicit comments. It makes me uncomfortable. I just wanted to make you aware of the situation.” He wanted to know what he was saying, then he asked, “Did I tell you that you were cute today?” I said, “You told me today, you told me yesterday, you said it last month in front of 1LT (Big Bird) and anyone else that was in the motor pool/” He apologized and said that I should have come to him sooner. He told me that if he did it again that I should let him know. He seemed genuinely concerned. I asked him to give a briefing on sexual harassment before summer camp, so that it would not happen to anyone. He agreed and said that he would go to the commander about at, but not use my name.

 20. I talked to 1LT (S) on 17 Jul 92 and told her about my conversation with the 1SG. She said that I handled the situation correctly. We both felt confident and positive about his reaction. He seemed sincere in his apologies and assured me that his comments would stop.

21. On 25 Jul 92 we left (home town) to come to Camp Dodge for Annual Training. I got to the Armory at 0640. I gave Kenny (my fiancée) a kiss on the lips real quick, and went inside. I did not notice that 1SG was parked right beside us. When I got inside, 1SG said, “That wasn’t fair, how could you do that in front of me that just wasn’t fair. You know you shouldn’t do that in front of me.” I gave him the evilest look I could, and said as rudely as I could, “Life isn’t fair 1SG.” and walked away.

22. On 26 Jul 92, I was talking a break outside the Maintenance Control van where I work. 1SG and all of the officers and warrant officers and sergeants were there as well. He said fairly loudly to me, “So, have you had any more problems with your sexual harassment since we had our chat?” I lied and said no. The reason I said no was because I took what he had said to me the other morning about kissing Kenny in front of him as another instance of sexual harassment. His comment really upset me, because now everyone knows about it, and he said he would not use my name.

23. I have told all of this to my Unit Clerk, SGT (PD). I trusted him, and I really respect the man. He said he would not tell anyone about this. But he told SSG (Ricky), my Readiness NCO (whom I also respect a great deal). SSG (Ricky) came to me 27 Jul 92 at 0630 and asked me about this situation. I told him everything. He said I should have let him know sooner. he then went and spoke to CPT (Scary) about this, so CPT (Scary) brought this to JAG and 113th Support Group after he talked to me.

24. On 28 Jul 92, I was told to report to Gp HQ to talk to CPT (P) about this matter. I had no idea until I got here that a formal investigation was being conducted. I am not out to get 1SG (Orange). I just want this to stop. This whole situation has been very upsetting and difficult for me. I don’t want this to affect my military career, but I can’t take anymore of this and stand by and let him do this to others.

End of the actual statement, Q & A to follow,



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One Response to “Sworn Statement Part 6”

  1. enemyinthewire Says:

    “He apologized and said that I should have come to him sooner. He told me that if he did it again that I should let him know. He seemed genuinely concerned.”

    I sometimes think that this is code for “you have just placed a target on you and you will now be my favorite goat!”

    I did the same thing with Jerk after the first time he physically assaulted me. Wrote him a nice email and he apologized profusely in his reply. Then a short time later he took a stick to me.

    Brigid – you got a lot of courage to post all of this! I am proud of you!!!!


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