Sworn Statement Part 5

16. Later that morning, I talked to SGT (PS). We had been very close friends at one point in time, and I really needed someone to talk to, because I was losing sleep. She informed me that 1SG Orange had been doing this for years. She told me about a girl that used to work in the S3 that he really harassed badly before I got in. She also told me that he tried the same stuff with her a few years ago when they went to summer camp. She said that they had to sleep in the van, and he tried massaging er neck, and did basically the same to her, but not as bad. I had no idea about any of this. She said that she got upset with him and told him to stop, and he did. I asked her if she would be will ing to testify to that if I needed her. She said yes, but she is also afraid of what could happen to her and her career if she came forward. She agreed that this harassment had to stop.

17. The week before Jul 92 drill, 1LT (S) called me and informed me of what she found out. She said that with sexual harassment, it is three strikes, you’re out. She told me to get him aside and tell him, “1SG, I just wanted to make you aware that you have made comments towards me that can be perceived as other than what they were intended, and it makes me uncomfortable.” She said to be very polite, use ‘1SG’ constantly, and don’t say anything about sexual harassment, period. She said don’t let him think that he is being threatened. I was supposed to talk to him alone. The second time he says things, I was supposed to have to pull him aside and remind him how uncomfortable his comments make me.  The third time I need witnesses when I tell him he is making me uncomfortable, but I was still not to use the term sexual harassment. Finally, on the fourth incident, she (1LT S) would talk to him. She told me to take her phone number with me to AT in case it happened here. 1LT (S) told me that she had talked to her commander for advice on how to handle this situation.

18. On 11 Jul 92 at drill, I was taking a break during scheduled classes hen the 1SG mentioned that he thought I had been losing a lot of weight and wanted to know if I was eating. I replied, “I really haven’t had much time lately to eat. I’ve been doing a lot of work.” He said, “You better eat today. If you don’t eat, you’ll be buying me dinner.” SSG (Ricky) witnessed this exchange. About an hour later he repeated the statement in front of SGT (BW) and his wife. Then about 1600 that day he said, “I bet you would have been afraid if you would have had to buy me dinner.” I replied, “Yes, I would have.” SGT (BW) and his wife again witnessed this exchange. They were surprised at what he had said. They told me I had to do something about the 1SG’s remarks.

We can’t say I am not detail oriented to the Nth degree, more still to come,



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