Sworn Statement Part 4

12. In June 92 drill, I had to split train and come to Camp Dodge to weapons qualify. I told my Readiness NCO that I would come out on Saturday during the unit’s scheduled drill t pack my equipment. When I walked in the door, the 1SG stopped me and tole me that I needed to be weighed. I lost my temper because I had already been weighed five times in the last four months and had made weight each time with no problem. He told me not to get irate with him. he tried to tell me that I was on the weight control program, but I knew that I wasn’t, because I had not exceeded the body fat allowance while I was pregnant. The last time I had failed to make weight and tape was Mar 91. The commander overheard the conversation and agreed with me and left. The 1SG still said that he needed to weigh me for the books. I informed him that he already had for the last 4 months. He finally looked in the Weight Control Binder and saw that he did have record of my weight just 1 month before. I felt like he was trying to harass me, because he knows how touchy I am about my weight. I weighed 20 pounds less than when I had been on the program at this point in time.

13. After this incident, I went to the drill floor for a cigarette. He followed me there. He asked again if I was going to be stupid and have another child. He wanted to know if I used birth control, what kind, and how effective it was. I told him that I did use birth control, that i was using birth control when I got pregnant. I told him that i have a Norplant and that the only thing more effective was having a vasectomy. I felt very uncomfortable during this conversation. He had no business asking me those personal questions, but I answered him because I was afraid of him.

14. About 10 minutes later, I was in the motor pool. 1SG was there talking to 1LT (Big Bird). When I walked by, 1SG yelled, “Brigid, you look so cute today! Doesn’t she look cute today?” I was embarrassed that he said it so loud in front of a lot of people, so I ignored him and kept walking. Then he called again, “Hey, Brigid, did you hear what I said?” I turned and said, “What, that I look cute?” He responded, “Yeah, what do you think of that?” I just turned and continued walking with SPC Rusty, who was there the whole time.

15. The following weekend I went out to the Armory again to get some work done on the Maintenance Control Library, because I had been working on it almost everyday on my own time for three weeks. It had to get done, and no one else was willing to do it, so I did it on my own time. I knew the library was an important part of our mission for Annual Training. I ran into SPC Sam, who was in the (Sig Co). He and I are good friends, and I trust him, so I told him all that had been happening with 1SG. He told that I should contact 1LT S from his unit, because I needed the help of a female officer to resolve this intolerable situation. I left a message on 1LT S’s phone to contact me.

Warning, this statement was 8 pages long, so there is so much more to come,



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