Sworn Statement Part 3

7. As soon as I left, I went down the street to the bowling alley where my fiancée was bowling in a tournament. I was crying and upset, and told him everything that had just happened in great detail. He was very upset that all of this happened. I could not believe that the 1SG would try to take advantage of a situation when he knew I was so upset and humilated. I felt like he used his position to try to get me to go to bed with him. I returned to the Armory about 2030. The following day at drill I avoided the 1SG as much as possible. He made no attempts to discuss the incident at his motel room with me. I did not tell anyone at drill about what had happened the night before.

8. On 7 Apr 91 I discovered that I was pregnant. I informed the unit of this. When the 1SG found out, he began to make comments that he could not believe that I was so stupid to have gotten pregnant. He made it clear that he did not approve of my pregnancy, and that he was jealous that it was not his chid. These comments continued throughout my pregnancy.

9. On 14 Nov 91, I gave birth to my daughter, (KB). 1SG began to ask me, “So how is ‘my’ daughter?” I took this very personally considering the circumstances. He also began to make comments, asking me if  I was going to be stupid enough to get pregnant again. I felt that it was inappropriate, rude, unprofessional, and none of his business. But I was afraid to say anything because of the fact that he was my 1SG, and I had already been in trouble for something that I should not have been when I was demoted.

10. During May 1992 MUTA 5 drill, I was asked to get everyone’s PT uniform sizes so that we could order them. On Friday night, I was running around, trying to track people down for this. I went up to 1LT R and asked him his size. 1SG was standing right there, and said, “I wear an extra extra small short.” I ignored him. He said again, “I wear and extra extra small size.” He stressed it this time. It appeared to me that he was trying to provoke a response from me. I said in a monotone voice “I believe it.” I gave him a dirty look and started to walk over to the motor pool. 1LT R was laughing pretty hard because I cut down the 1SG. 1SG started calling out for me to wait, but I didn’t want to deal with him, so I kept waking. He caught up with me as I had just walked outside and said, “Listen, we both know secrets about each other.” I really wanted to say, “The only secret you know about me is how I turned you down flat!” bu I was frightened. I had no idea what this comment meant.

11. After this incident, I really began to get upset. I told my boyfriend that I needed to do something about this. He told me that I should not do or say anything, because it would ruin my military career. I agreed with him, but it was very difficult for me to not lose my temper with the 1SG. I am very frightened that I have wrecked any chance to continue in the National Guard, because of his position and clout. So at this point I decided it would be best for my military career to remain silent, and just take this harassment.

So much more to come,



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