Sworn Statement Part 2

5. Because I was very upset by the entire incident, my 1SG was being very understanding. He said that he had no idea that the Commander had planned to take my rank in front of the formation. 1SG was trying to get me to stop crying and to make me fee better. I had been asked by CPT (Scary) to stay at the Armory that night to ensure my presence for the following morning. 1SG (Orange) told me that if I felt that I needed to talk, he would be willing to listen. He asked me to call him at his motel, The Red Roof Inn. It was my understanding that if I needed to talk, I would meet him at his motel room and we would go to Burger King to talk. He assured me that he would help me in any way he could. I agreed to meet him later so we could talk about what happened. He was very supportive and I was sure he would do everything he could to help me. I did not think that his concern was anything but professional at the time.

6. I left the Armory in (home town) at about 1915, and I arrived at his motel at 1930 hrs. 1SG (Orange) was wearing gray army shorts and a green army T-shirt. He was not wearing his glasses. I was wearing my pink MSE sweatshirt and aqua sweat pants. When I arrived, 1SG (Orange) invited me in and told me to have a seat. I sat down in the chair close to the television set. He informed me that there was a movie that he wanted to watch that had just come on, so we decided to watch the movie. while we were watching the movie, he asked if I was still upset about what had happened earlier that day. I said yes and was still crying. We talked about the Article 15 and demotion for about a half hour. He said that I still looked upset and tense, he moved over to the chair I was sitting in and started massaging my neck and back. I started to feel uncomfortable, but not threatened. He asked me to move to the edge of the bed so he could sit behind me and massage my neck more comfortably. I felt uneasy, but I moved over to the edge of the bed and sat down anyway. He moved behind me and began to kiss my neck. Then he said that I looked like I needed a hug. I agreed I was pretty upset, and I could probably use a hug. I saw 1SG as kind of a gather figure. I did not suspect anything was going to happen. He gave me a hug, and kissed me on the lips. I pulled back and gently pushed him away. He began caressing my breasts, and continued to try to kiss me. I told him, “This isn’t right 1SG.” 1SG asked “Why not?” I said “You’re my 1SG. I love Kenny (my fiancée) too much to do this. I think I should leave.” At this time I was very uncomfortable and beginning to feel threatened and scared. He kept trying to get me to stay.  I was trying to avoid a conflict with him so I told him that if I didn’t leave very soon that the Armory would be locked and I wouldn’t be able to get back in. He persisted in asking me to stay. I told him that I was getting married in two weeks, and he was already married with children. I started to go for the door, but he grabbed me by the arm and tried to pull me back. We had a physical struggle. I kept going for the door knob. When I finally could grab it, I held on and pulled as hard as I could to get away from him. I finally managed to get the door open, and he grabbed my legs and tried to pull me back in. When I finally broke free of him and made it outside, he followed me and asked me to please come back in the room. I told him that I would see him in the morning, but I had to leave and get back to the Armory. I didn’t want to make him mad at me since he is the 1SG, but I would never have sexual intercourse with my 1SG. When he started to kiss me, it became clear to me that his intentions were personal in nature, and that he was aggressively seeking a sexual encounter.

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