Sworn Statement Part 1

So I mentioned a few days ago that I would start putting some of my documentation on the blog. Here goes with the first installment of my Sworn Statement when I pressed charges against my first 1SG, 1SG Orange (name has been changed to protect me). I am also not using any real unit names or individual names, to also protect me. It is kind of a long statement, followed by the official findings and my response, so it will be several posts.

1. My name is SPC Brigid, and I am 22 years old. I am a member of (my Maintenance unit). I have been in the National Guard for about 4 1/2 years. When I enlisted in the National Guard I was assigned to (my original Signal Battalion) as a 31M10, Multi Channel Communications Operator. I was in (Signal Unit) for about 2 1/2 years, then I was transferred to (another unit in the same Bn) as a 21D10, Mobile Subscriber Equipment Operator. I was at (the new unit) for 2 months, and then was transferred into (Maintenance unit) as a 76C10, Repair Parts Specialist. I care very deeply about the National Guard. When I was 16 years old, I began working my summers at the (home city Armory) through JTPA. I learned a lot about paperwork and filing. When I turned 17 I enlisted because I really liked what I saw as a civilian and wanted to be a part of the National Guard. I am currently attending AT at Camp Dodge from 25Jul-8Aug92. We are learning a lot about mission of a DS Maintenance Company. I love my job as a Maintenance Control Clerk. I have put a lot of my own time into this Annual Training so that things would run smoothly because I care about my work, and I am very excited about learning my new job. I have had problems in my unit in the past, but right now things are beginning to improve. I am happy with my unit, and I would really like to retire from the National Guard.

2. I am writing this statement because there is an NCO in my unit whom I feel is acting in an unprofessional manner, and his behavior is making me uncomfortable and offending me. This statement will show why I feel this way.

3. On Saturday of Feb 1991’s drill, I told my section sergeant that my car was broken down on (the interstate) and that I would need a ride to drill on Sunday. He agreed to pick me up at my new address, but failed to show up. Because I had just moved, I did not have a phone installed yet. I also did not now any of my neighbors; therefore, I was not comfortable knocking on a stranger’s door at 0600 hours to find out where my ride was. I found out that I had been coded AWOL for Sunday when CPT L (my previous commander) delivered the AWOL letter and a proposed Article 14 to me at the bowling alley where my fiance bowled. This happened a week prior to Mar 1991 drill.

4. I went into the Armory a day before Mar 1991 drill to discuss the Article 14 with CPT (Scary, then commander). He told me that I had no excuse for missing drill on Sunday in Feb 1991, and that he was going to issue an Article 14. I tried to explain the circumstances and he would not listen to my explanation. He had formed his opinion and made a decision prior to talking to me about the incident. I participated in drill on Sat, Mr 1991. At final formation I was demoted from PFC to PV2 in front of the unit. I had no idea this was going to happen. This was the most humiliating and embarrassing experience of my life. I felt hurt and betrayed because I feel that I have always exceeded the expectations of my superiors. I also was angry because I felt that I was being punished unfairly.


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