Cats are like Potato Chips

Cats are like potato chips…you can’t have just one!

After much discussion between my husband and I it was decided that we should find another cat.  We do have 4 other cats…so it isn’t like our house is devoid of the meows and purrs that we so enjoy.  However, I really, really need another cat.  Really…I do!

We will be bringing her home tonight.  Just like Abbie she came out of an animal shelter and just like Abbie, she is a Russian Blue mix.

My husband even stated that we could buy a Russian Blue, from a breeder, if I wanted one.  He knew the special bond she and I shared.  I considered it…I really did.  Until I went out to our local animal shelter.  Abbie would be so pissed at me if I went and bought some cat when there are hundreds of them in animal shelters all within a 100 mile radius.  We decided that even though it might take time…we would find a cat without a home and bring it into the same wonderful life that Abbie knew.  All of our cats are “shelter cats” so why stop a good thing.

Last night we found our girl in an animal shelter in the city that we work in.  She is just a little 4 month old Blue Russian mix.  She looks a lot like Abbie – but not so much that she is really a “replacement.”  If she looked too much like Abbie it would be too hard.

I picked her up out of the cage and I cuddled her close.  I couldn’t help but cry a little bit.  She looked up at me and put her nose on my nose and said, “you no be sad no more…take me home…I will love you.”  Then she put her little paw on my cheek and that was all she wrote.  Instant bonding!  Of course, per policy the shelter made me call back this morning after a 24 hr waiting period!  I didn’t want to wait, I wanted to tuck her right in my purse and head for home.

Sometimes – it just happens in an instant.  Just like with my Oliver and just like with my Abbie.  They knew and I knew.

The main purpose of this post is just to let you all know that I am beginning to heal.  I will forever miss Abbie – but I can smile at her antics and her memory and know that she had the best life!  An amazing life – even though it was only 4 years.  The love she gave me I will pass on to a new friend – and our little Middy (Midnight Blue – all cats MUST have middle names…don’t believe me…ask a cat – any cat.)  will have a great life too.  Just like Oliver, Annie, Ellie and Bitzi (her brother and sisters.)

Please don’t forget to have your pet altered…I only have room for so many cats, although I would gladly take them all.  Remember when you are giving charitable donations to consider your local animal shelter.  Those old towels in the back of the cabinet and old sheet sets that are half gone make great donations, as well. 



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