It has been a few days since I last posted and I am sorry about that.   I am still in mourning and I am quite sure that it will be some time before I am quite right again.  I am trying to move forward, just as my sweet Abbie would want me to do, because she hated it when I was sad.

Our top post has been “Lessons from Good NCO’s.”  Apparently, soldiers on line are hitting on the link when they are searching for information on Military NCO’s.  This blog may not yield much at all but if just a few young soldiers can learn the lessons I learned from some great NCO’s…then I can’t really complain.

If you are a regular reader…please don’t abandon Brigid and I.  I know there hasn’t been much “fresh” information but the things I am experiencing right now I don’t know how to talk about.  Or maybe, I do know how to talk about them but I just don’t want to end up in a padded cell.  For anyone who has never loved an animal…then none of this makes sense.  But for anyone who has ever found a “soul-mate” of sorts in a furry head and wide eyes…you understand.  If a hard night has ever been made soft and sweet by a rough tongue and fur up your nose…you know how I feel and you know how deep my sense of loss is.

I have four other cats…they are all precious in their own way…except for my husband’s cat, Annie.  She hates me and I don’t really care for her 😉  That is not really true, she is just a one person cat and that one person is my husband. 

We have made a couple of stops out at the local shelter and we are stopping at another one tonight.  In some ways it is about finding a “new” Abbie – but not really.  What it is about is honoring her memory by giving another lost and lonely kitty the great home that Abbie had. 

I have just decided to mourn her like I would mourn a person.  To do anything else is just not realistic.  She was precious and she had a wonderful spirit.  Do I believe that animals go to heaven?  Yes, I do.  I have to in order to survive.  It seems stupid and it seems childish but I can’t help but think of Abbie running up and slapping a piece of meat off St. Peter’s plate.  (she had a particularly fine skill for this and one day she drug off a 16 oz ribeye out of a sink full of water inside of a freezer bag.  The steak weighed almost as much as she did!) 

Well, I just can’t talk about this much more without crying.  Anyway, I thank you for your patience.  Hang with me…I hope to return to our regularly scheduled broadcast soon.




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2 Responses to “Surviving”

  1. enemyinthewire Says:

    I am so sorry Joan. I honestly think we should get berevment pay for our pets. They are our companions and children. Although I have no pets, and despise cats, I know how much yours meant to you. Just like Sammy meant the world to my mom, and I had to leave work because I couldn’t handle it when he died (me, the cat hater).

    Some animals just touch us so much more than others do, or humans can. This is why I don’t have a pet, because mine died when I was 15, and I haven’t been able to take on another animal, because I am afraid how much pain it causes when they die.

    I wish you love and luck with the new addition to your feline family of holy terrors. But I am serious about playing with a dog before I spend the night again. Didn’t need Oliver sitting on my face when I woke up!

    Peace and love Joan,


  2. enemyinthewire Says:


    Actually, that was Bitzi that was laying on your face…they look a lot alike – but Bitzi is the one who is so fat that she looks like a penguin with her fat flopping over her feet when she sits up.

    Yes, the torture of the last week has been horrible. The questions about “do we” or “don’t we” – the constant waiting for the phone call from our vet to let us know we can “pick up Abbie.” (we had her cremated and her ashes returned to us.) That call came last night.

    However, the love she has freely given and freely received is worth more than all the pain in the world! I sometimes wonder if God didn’t give us pets to show us what “unconditional” love is. (Not that anything Abbie ever did was unconditional…there was always the required Big Mac 😉

    We do have a new member of the feline family! Another little Blue Russian…I will talk about her in a new post.

    Love Ya!


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