Brave, Brave, Brigid

I just have to take a moment to tell everyone how brave Brigid was this weekend!

My local motorcycle group, we are a Veteran group – not an outlaw club, had a Freedom Ride on Saturday.  Brigid had the guts to join us and I think she had a great time!

I love these guys…and girls.  I would trust my life to some of them – I would trust my “sanity” to a few of them.  That is a whole lot of trust!  They allow me the chance to be just who I am.  To have a lot of fun and not have to worry about one of them trying to back me into a corner or assault me.

Every now and again, Jerk will show up at one of these events.  That is hell!  Thank God he wasn’t there this weekend.  Imagine that…for a moment.  Ready to have a good time with great friends only to be staring your attacker dead in the face.  The most polite thing I can say to that is…”Major Suckage!”  Any other comments could be banned by someone, somewhere.

I’m proud of you, Brigid.  It takes a lot of courage to do what you did.

Love Ya!



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