MaMa’s New Toy

Well, I did it.  I went out and I bought something that I have wanted for years and years and years.  What I really want is a motorcycle – but my husband HATES the idea of me being on my own bike.  He likes to keep me on the back of his.  So, I made him a deal.  We pay off his truck and his bike and then he can have any bike he wants…within reason…but he has to keep his bike for me!  That give him another 2 to 3 yrs before I get on my own bike.

However, the big “deal” in this for me is that I am now the proud owner of a 1988 Travelmaster Class C Motorhome.  She is 26ft long, runs great, everything works.  She is fully self-contained…sleeps 6.  I got her for $3000.00 dollars.  Mama’s got a new toy!

She needs some cosmetics – mostly on the inside.  New curtains, a little paint, I gotta replace the hideous wallpaper on the back spash, and I need to replace the carpet with cheap hardwood flooring.   I am looking forward to it!  Taking that little girl and dressing her up and making her MY place!

Unfortunately, it has caused a few minor problems with the spouse.  He really doesn’t like to camp all that much (You don’t always have to go, honey.)  He thinks it is kind of “old” looking (Uh – it is a 1988!)  He thinks I could have spent more and gotten something better looking (But I don’t want to spend more!)  It gets lousy gas mileage (And hook a camper to your truck and your truck is going to get lousy mileage!)

I just love her!  I have always, always, always wanted a little Class C.  Load up the kids and drive somewhere, drop the leveling jacks and drop the awning and we are ready to play!

The people we bought it from used it all the time – and then his wife died.  I get the feeling he just wants someone to love it as much as they did.  I really connected with that little camper.  I felt like it was meant to be…like a special gift from God…just for me, because HE knows I need her.

I put my foot down – which is something I don’t normally do.  I told him, “This is mine.  I have aways wanted one and it is not like I am breaking the family bank account to buy it.  I love you, more than life, but I don’t care how you feel about this camper.  I won’t go ALL the time but I need her…and she needs me.”

I got my way…which is not something I strive for.  However, we got the loan and I am going to get her this week!  Best of all…it gets me out of having to stay in a hotel room during our little vacation this summer!  Cause I HATE hotel rooms!




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