The Lucky Ones

Hey, Friends!

You may have noticed some back and forth cross chatter between Brigid and I.  Sometimes that statements are strange and they don’t make a lot of sense.  They are “inside” jokes…and I apologize for that. 

Like the joke – “I don’t suffer from mental illness…I enjoy it.”  That is an old joke we used to make in the food service industry.  Brigid and I waited tables together “back in the day.”  We always teamed up on one another’s tables – so instead of one great server…they got two.  We made great tips and we loved to joke around at the table.

Brigid and I are the lucky ones in all of this.  We are not alone.  Somehow, we were blessed enough to find one another, even becoming friends before we revealed that we were both MST surviviors.  Being an MST survivor isn’t something that you start a conversation with.  You know…nice cocktail party…people milling about socializing.  “Hi, how are you…my name is Joan…I have PTSD and MDD and I was assaulted in the military….how has your life been?”

We have someone to call when the bad dreams come.  Someone who understands when other people say dumb things.  My husband is wonderful…but he is the king of “dumb statements.”  Last year we were talking with a Vietnam Vet and my husband said..”Maybe when her claim is done she will get over it.”  The other Vet came unglued…stuck his finger in his face and said…”You don’t EVER get over it!”

We are the lucky ones…no feeling is off limits…no statement is unsaid.

Brigid and I are here for you too.  This blog isn’t just my therapy – it is also my way of helping others through their own wilderness.  We all need “Angels” in the wilderness. 




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One Response to “The Lucky Ones”

  1. enemyinthewire Says:

    Oh Joan,
    I do love you so! You are the best friend a messed up PTSD/MST survivor could ever have. We have been there for each other for going on 17 years now, through divorces, and the rotten things the military can do. Our lives may suck more because of what we endured, but so much better in other ways, because we are not alone.

    Thank you for always being there for me, as I am for you. And thank you for putting up with my negativity through all of this.

    Love ya Chickie!

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