Apathy, Indifference and Frustration

Hello, Friends.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of days.  We hit a deer on the way to work yesterday morning and things have been tough.  Thank God for insurance!

On Tuesday night we had our monthly meeting of our Veteran Service Organization.  I am really quite active in my unit…in fact…I am second in Command and I have been told that I WILL be commander come summer. 

I am the only active female in my VSO unit.  It took a lot of tough years, but all the guys accept me as one of them now.  There were a lot of meetings where someone said…”Hey, when did they start letting girls in?”

Tuesday night I took the Ribbons of Support project to the Commander and let him know that I needed to present it that night.  Our commander has a serious case of tunnel vision…there are the men from WWII and then everybody else doesn’t really matter much.  The men from WWII need to be honored every meeting.  I have often wanted to remind him that even though we are losing them in record numbers – those “men” have been honored from the day they put their uniforms on.  To “thank” or to “honor” a veteran from Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Mogadishu, Desert Storm, Iraq, Afganistan…takes nothing away from those who fought in WWII.  Each one has done their duty for their country.  For that matter – to honor one of us dang “females” does not take honor away from the “men.”  The more we share that honor the greater the honor increases.  Frustration…Frustration…Frustration!

At the same time, I had about 1/3 of the males present fill out support forms for the Ribbons of Support program.  I figure that is a pretty good average for those guys.

I think that it is the Apathy and the Indifference that bother me somedays.  They don’t “know” anybody that it happened to and it didn’t happen to them so it must not happen at all.  Well, they think that they don’t know anybody. 

The statistics tell a different story – and these are just the “reported” statistics.  One in every 100 men will be assaulted sexually.  One in every 4 women will be assaulted sexually.  If you stand four of us women veterans together…one of us has been a victim of MST.  That is 25% of the entire female population of the military.  If there was a “disease” that was affecting 25% of the female population…there would be outcries for something to be done!  If a military commander lost 25% of his female members to pregnacy…there would be an outcry.  There already has been in Iraq and one of the big wigs was going to punish females for getting pregnant.  As I recall – he was also going to punish the males who got them that way.  Suddenly, that all went away.  Did somebody show him the latest MST statistics??  You won’t punish RAPE…?

The stats also say that it is 1 in 100 men…although I doubt the validity of that number.  I think it is probably more.  I can’t imagine what it is like for a man to report! 

I know what happened to me when I filed an EO complaint…not even a criminal complaint of Rape…just the EO complaint.

“Thank you very much Sergeant.  If you will just exit through the door to your left we will mail you your discharge.”

And that is exactly what they did.




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