The Aftermath

I felt that some of the things I didn’t explain in my last post about Ranger Wags should really be clarified. So this is kind of a continuation from that. The night that Wags basically forced me to have sex with him, it was less than 3 1/2 months after I had been raped in Ft Gordon. Imagine that for a second. Being forced into a situation where you are basically date raped just 3 1/2 months after being raped.

Now, imagine being raped, and having people know about it. Once you report it, it is out there for many. Now imagine that you are in a barracks with over 300 soldiers, every single one of them knowing. And then because of the investigation, you are moved into another class, because you missed too many hours that week. The next class I was in were all soldiers from the barracks behind me. Another 300 soldiers, and about 30 more of them were from my battalion back home. So now that is 600 fellow soldiers in Ft Gordon, and by the time I got back, my battalion of 5 units each had soldiers in them that knew I had been raped. Word spread. So, now about 2000+ people knew I had been raped, and that I had to drop the charges. So they automatically figured I was lying. Try to fathom dealing with that everyday for years.

Not only did I feel like I must have done or said something to deserve what Wags did, I also got the distinct shame of being a party to his adultery. He told me as he was forcing me the second time in the shower how he had gone back to his wife a few months earlier.

Just 6 months after that night, he transferred to Co A, and I stayed in my current unit. I never told a soul about that night for years. I would run into him on occasion on drill weekends for the next 5 years, each time he tried to get me to transfer to his unit, and report to him. He had now been promoted from SSG to SFC. He said he would take care of me if I transferred. I asked if he meant like that night, and he said yes. I always told him I wasn’t interested.

I wish the story ended there, but unfortunately it doesn’t. 5 years and 2 months after his assault on me, I walked into my orderly room to see him there. I asked him what the hell he was doing in my orderly room, and he told me that was no way to talk to my new 1SG. I thought he was pulling my leg. He wasn’t. He was my First Sgt for the next 5 years. And trust me, it was never  a good experience. But I will explain further in future posts.

I know that there are good NCOs out there. I know there are good officers out there. I also know there are good men and women soldiers out there. Unfortunately, during my 11 years in the service, I only met a few of any of the above. Most soldiers of all ranks/genders were more concerned about protecting their own asses rather than helping their fellow soldier. So my question is, why choose to serve then, if you are not interested in serving anyone else but yourself? It kind of goes against the whole purpose of being in the military doesn’t it?



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