Comp and Pen X-Rays

Many of us who are survivors of MST have serious issues with certain medical exams.  I wanted to share a pointer for all who will be needing to have X-Rays done as part of an exam.  Most importantly for women.

I hate being exposed, especially my breasts.  Be sure that you wear a sports bra to your appointment.  If you let your technician know that you are wearing a sports bra that has no metal parts…you won’t have to take it off.  No clips, no underwire and no snaps.  Just a plain old everyday slip over the head sports bra.  If your technician tells you that you must take it off, they are wrong.  X-Rays will go right through there.  No need to be naked under that flimsy hospital gown.

Be sure that you take a pair of gym shorts with you.  Again, be sure that it has no metal parts.  They will also allow you to wear those.

It makes a big difference when you are wearing your sports bra and shorts…and it will make you more comfortable.  Your comfort is paramount!





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