Ribbons of Support

Hey, Friends!

We have sort of an exciting project coming up and I would love it if I could get people to participate on my blog.

If you have read my past posts…you know that I am a low level lab tech at a local VA hospital.  (remember, thinking is above my pay grade…so don’t ask me too many questions about procedure/policy)  I do have the advantage of working with one of the committees that is dedicated to supporting Veterans who have experienced Military Sexual Trauma.

In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April, our VA is doing a Ribbons of Support program.  We are seeking supporting messages that will be place on teal ribbons (much like pink breast cancer ribbons) from both survivors and supporters.

If you would like to have a ribbon placed in my local VA I would love to do that for you!!  Please put it in the comments section of your post and I will get it onto a ribbon for you.  Keep your ribbon posts short as we don’t have a lot of space and remember, these will be displayed in public, so keep your comments supportive and appropriate.

These can be done with or without identifying yourself. Let me know if you want me to include your name or if you would like to include your blog or organization.  If interested, I will be happy to include “supporter” or “Survivor!”  So, to give you a sample:

“More than Surviving…We are Thriving”  Joan / Survivor

“Thank you for your Service” Joan/Supporter

If you are also a blogger – please feel free to share this and send the comments to me.  If you don’t want to do this publicly…my email address is:  enemyinthewire@hotmail.com

Let’s fill the halls of at least 1 VA with ribbons that BREAK THE SILENCE!



Teal Awareness Ribbon pin


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