Love of Country

I’m double posting this morning.  Mainly because I have a lot to say and no way to make it all make sense in a single post.  I don’t want to make my posts so long that they take a long time to read and digest.  Possibly, it is because most of my friends know that I can’t order a pizza in 500 words or less, so how can I describe all of this in a reader’s digest version.

Questions that have always bothered me about the US Military…

Why is a woman’s life worth more than a man’s?  Any idea?  Why is it noble and honorable for a man to lose his life in service to his Country but it is considered shameful for a woman to do the same?  Why is it that only a Heterosexual Male can have a deep love of his country?  Let me make note that it has only been in the last 50 years or so that a Black man or a Native American or a Hispanic man was allowed to serve equally alongside his Caucasian brothers. 

Why is it that we continue arguing over whether or not a person with a different sexual orientation can be a good soldier?  We’re not talking about the Perez Hilton’s or Ms. Jay’s of the world, stereotypical characterizations of what it means to be a homosexual.   We are talking about good men and good women who love their country and want the opportunity to serve.  At the same time I can’t help but fear for the gay men who will be the first to break this barrier.  If they still can’t protect the soldiers that the Military has from this abuse…then what will happen to those first men to serve openly? 

We all give up parts of our identities when we join the military.  We are all supposed to follow the rules.  If a person is willing to follow the rules – I will share a foxhole with them!  Why do we let our petty hatred and bigotry blind us from the real issue.  Do you really care if the person in your foxhole is Black or White?  Heck no, I care if they can shoot!  I care if they can watch my back!  I happen to like the color purple.  I happen to like certain shades of cornflower blue.  I don’t wear them in uniform because that is not the job! 

Why does the UCMJ apply to only certain people?  Part of the purpose of the Military is that we are all equal and important members of the team.  From the highest General to the lowest Private, we are all supposed to live by one book of rules.

It is widely accepted that RAPE is about POWER.  It is about CONTROL.  It has nothing to do with SEX.  A person who is RAPING another person does not want to have SEX they want to have CONTROL.  Why is it then, that when allegations of abuse or rape are made,  the sexual activites of the victim come into play? 

I was speaking to someone the other night and he does not know that I am a survivor of MST.  We were, however, discussing that same situation.  He said that he has a female veteran friend whose claim of RAPE was denied because she was on BIRTH CONTROL.  He asked me if I had ever heard of that.  Unfortunately I have and it makes me sick.


If a person states that they have allegedly been raped the charges of rape will automatically be ignored if the following conditions exist:

1 – the person claiming rape was ever in their life sexually active.

2 – the person claiming rape followed a military order in any way – ie…come into my office now!

3 – the person claiming rape was a member of the US Military.

4 – if the person who allegedly committed the RAPE is friends with the powers that be…all charges are immediately ignored and the best way out of this is to PROMOTE the RAPIST.

Essentially, boys and girls, the only way that you can be successfully RAPED in the US Military is if you are a VIRGIN who has never been any where near any member of the same or the opposite sex at anytime during your life.  Of course, we will ignore the charges anyway and blame you, because there must be something wrong with you..if you claim to have been raped.

Of course, as a special note for a females who claim to have been RAPED, please know that regardless of your virgin status…you could not have been RAPED because ou were ASKING FOR IT when you joined the military.

Finally, you can’t rape the willing, male or female, so you must have somehow asked for it.

Yup, I got a case of the “angries” this morning.  The previous explanation sounds pretty “drama queen” and over the top.  Let me promise you this…each of those examples are true.  I hate that they are true…but they are.  I have heard these things from multiple people in addition to my own experiences.  Part of the experience that goes with a desire to help other Brothers and Sisters who are living with this is the research and understanding of exactly what is happening out there. 

Right now in Washington DC the big debate is the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy on homosexuals in the military.  Please don’t think that I am downing homosexuals…because I am not.  I may be a conservative in my spiritual and political views, but I also believe that EVERYONE has something to give to their country.  I believe that ANYONE who wants to serve should be allowed to do so if they meet the physical and mental requirements of the job they have to do.

What I would like to see is Washington DC and all the political and military organizations take up the US Military’s “DON’T TELL” policy on RAPE in the UNITED STATES MILITARY. 

Don’t you think it is about time?



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