Placing Blame

I wanted to share the gist of a conversation I had a few times with different male NCOs over the years regarding rape in the military. This might be a little hard to accept, but I had this same conversation at least 5 different times in my 11 years in the service. It is a conversation about who we should place the blame on when a woman is raped in the military. It goes something like this:

Lets say that a female soldier is fast asleep in her locked barracks all alone, like she should be after lights out. A male soldier she has never seen before is able to pick the lock and break into the barracks and rape her. Who is to blame. All of the male NCOs I brough this conversation up with separately throughout the years had the same answer. It would be the female soldier’s fault of course. When I asked why, they all said that if the woman had not been in the military, she would not be in the barracks, and therefore would not have been raped by the soldier.

Now I consider myself a logical thinker, and I just don’t understand how that many men could come up with the same answer. It is always the womans fault. How are we supposed to stop MST if that is the philosophy of our leadership? Of course, their answer was completely different when I asked whose fault would it be if it was a civilian woman asleep in her locked house, and a strange man breaks in and rapes her. Then it was always the male’s fault she was raped.

So basically, I was told that because I was trying to serve my country by being all that I could be, I should expect to get raped, and it would be my fault no matter what the circumstances. All because females do not belong in the military.



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