What are they thinking???

Well, Friends…that new healthcare bill will be signed into law today.  What are they thinking?  Do they not realize that 2700+ pages of new legislation is not good for our nation?

What about the promises they made to those who truly served their country in the military?  How can we as a people allow these people to take control of the healthcare of ALL Americans when they can’t even take care of Veterans?

I’m very lucky, I happen to have a very good VA Hospital.  I also work for the VA as a low level lab tech.  I have no power or control beyond taking care of each veteran in my lab chair.  I just want to point that out before anyone thinks I could answer questions about benefits or the system.  I can tell you how to make great blood smears for slide readings 😉  If I had any power at all I promise you I would not have seen a male psychiatrist for my Comp and Pen…I promise you that.  No matter how nice he was, he was still a man.

I am in the waiting process again.  After I do medical comp and pen I have to wait 6 – 8 weeks to hear from the VBA.  That is if the VBA does their job.  Those are the people I don’t trust.  They will make the final decision.  They will decide if I am telling the truth or just trying to milk the system.  I wonder how many of them have never spent a day in “boots?”  How many of them have no idea what military life is like or how these things happen? 

I’m proud of what I do for a job.  I like to tell my patients that “I work for the best people in the world…the US Veteran.”  I don’t work for my boss, my friends or my leadership in this place.  I work for Veterans.  Their sacrifices gave me a job.  Their taxes pay my salary.  I just wish that more people in the “Business of Veterans” saw their job in that light.

It sounds noble of me…but it’s really not.  I do this because I have to make sense of things.  One of the things I loved about being an NCO was taking care of soldiers.  They took that away from me.  Truthfully, I hate them for it with every part of me.  I tried working in the civilian world and I was miserable!  I figured that the best way for me to stay someplace that feels like “home” was to work in the VA with the Veterans.  In the end it is kind of selfish of me but I do my best to take care of MY ‘boys and girls.’  They just don’t know that they are taking care of me, too.

Will there ever come a time in this country when we Veterans are more than just a footnote in a political speech?  You politicians, you stand up and say that we “love our Veterans.”  If you really “love” us then you will care for us.  You will HEAR us and not just give us lip service.  At a political event with a Congressman I was holding a sign that said, “Keep the promise, fully fund the VA first.”  He looked right at my sign and said, “I agree with you.  Yes, you are right.”  Then he stood on that stage and told us why he was voting YES on this new healthcare bill.  He listened to what my sign said, he just didn’t HEAR any of it.  If I had been HEARD he would have voted NO and said…”hey, let’s see what is up with fully funding the VA.”

Stop patronizing those of us who have truly “given our whole lives” in service to their country.  Please learn that a Servicemember doesn’t have to suffer a “biological death” in order to have lost their life for this country.  Keep your promise…put the Veterans first!




2 Responses to “What are they thinking???”

  1. jayherron Says:

    It ought to scare us to learn that Congress has spent more hours investigating steriod use in the base ball leagues than anything or time spent on veterans rights….BTW,ZERO on military sexual trauma!

    Great blog!! This has really taken off-I am so pleased to see your writings!

  2. enemyinthewire Says:

    Thanks, Jay.

    It feels good to be a voice…even if it is an anonymous one.

    ZERO on MST should scare the hell out of any of us that has a child that might some day be in the military. Anyone with a sister/brother, father/mother or loved one in the military should be screaming in protest.

    I had hoped, when CPL Maria Lauterbach of the US Marine Corp was murdered by her rapist, that we would see a move toward change. Heck no! In fact, the last mention I heard from the media was to inform the world that Cesar Laurean was not the babies father. So What! All that means is that she had a consensual grown up relationship with a male of her choice. It doesn’t mean that he didn’t rape her.

    All we can do is to keep screaming out. Even if only fellow survivors hear us, at least we are all in this together.


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