Keeping the Promise

Morning, Friends.

Today is the big Healthcare Bill Vote in the US House of Representatives.  For anyone who has been following this closely you most likely have strong feelings one way or the other.

I hope against all hope that this fails.  I believe that it will be disasterous for our nation.

More importantly, there is one very important element that they are forgetting.  The leadership in Washington DC is about to make a “promise” to the American people when they still have promises that have not yet been kept to the Veterans of this country.

There are millions of veterans that don’t have health insurance and that don’t qualify for care in VA hospitals.  Why is that?  Why do those who serve in the Senate and the Congress get to keep their healthcare for, “service to their country” for life, but Veterans are just dumped on the streets?

President Abraham Lincoln said, “To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and orphan.”  Sounds to me like that should include care in VA facilities. 

You lawmakers that want to pass this new healthcare bill need to keep the old promises before making new ones.  You can’t talk about how bad things are in the Veteran’s Administration Hospitals and then turn around and say how great it will be to give the same care to everyone in the nation.  Except you, of course, because service to your country in the Senate or the House still means that you make healthcare laws that won’t apply to you.

The VA system is socialized medicine.  Bottom line.  So for all of us Patriots out there who have served or are considering joining the military, you might want to go to college instead.  Become a lawyer, run for Public Office.  At least you won’t have to worry about your healthcare.

Keep the Promise!  Open the VA system up to ALL veterans.  Review the cases of dishonorably discharged veterans, see WHY they were discharged and what the circumstances were.  Are there extenuating circumstances that might make them eligible for VA care on a case by case basis?  Make the VA what it was really supposed to be.

Fully-fund the VA first!  Make the VA work!  It takes more time for a Veteran of this country to get benefits than it does for someone to get welfare or unemployment benefits.

If you think that this is going to be a good thing for the American people, go talk to any veteran standing outside a VA Hospital who doesn’t qualify for healthcare.  They will set you straight.




2 Responses to “Keeping the Promise”

  1. jayherron Says:

    I pay 90 dollars each month out of my Social Security check for Medicare,but-where I live in Florida ALL of the public hospitals are run by the University of Florida-and I cannot be seen by the private hospitals unless I am driven there on a gurney on my back delivered by a 911 truck.
    I cannot g to the U of F hospitals-unless I am reffered by the VA…the VA does not do that.
    I contacted the Social Security folks-they put me in touch with the provider oon my Medicare (Mutual of Omaha) and MO said “no way!” and telephoned the U of F hospital in my area…called me back and said that for the first time…they were stumped! The SS agent said “travel to Tampa” which is one hundred miles south-ahhh,but the only public hospital there is,yes-Shands of the niversity of Florida (and the VA) ding dong….can’t go there-unless the VA says yes!
    So the agent says….go to Jacksonville!! Ahhh….the only public hospital is (yes) Shands at the University of Florida….or,you guessed it-the VA clinic,who says “NO” to reffering a patient.
    I’d rather have the hundred bucks!
    Miami…that’s 325 miles south!! Oh…Shands at the U of F?? Wow-what a racket!!

    • enemyinthewire Says:

      Wow…now I am speechless! These are the sort of medical reforms that we need! Even more important, we need the funding to make the VA what the VA is supposed to be. No veteran should say – “I do not trust the VA.” VA care should be the best care in the country. I know that some hospitals are better than others in the VA system and I am lucky to have one of the better ones.

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