I Will Be My Brother’s Keeper

I will be my brother’s keeper, not the one who judges him.  I won’t despise him for his weakness, I won’t regard him for his strengths.  I won’t take away his freedoms, I will help him learn to STAND.  And I will be my brother’s keeper.  Rich Mullins / Brother’s Keeper

When Bridget finally comes on line…she is having some technical difficulties…you will get to hear her story.  I’m not going to tell it for her, but we have talked about something that I think really needs to begin to be a Nationwide movement here among those of us who are survivors and who have been through the Compensation and Pension process.

Today, I did this in a state of being physically alone.  I was not spiritually alone, knowing that I had the support of many behind me, but I was physically on my own.  I talked to Bridget tonight and I reminded her that I survived today and that when her turn came, I would be with her every step of the way.

I could have never asked Bridget to go with me.  It would have been the worst possible thing that I could have ever done to her.  She is there to support me 100 percent and I know she would have taken everything away for me and onto herself, if she could.  I would have done the same for her.  However, now that I am done I know that I can support her physically through her exam.

Can we be a keeper to our Brothers and Sisters even if it might cause us pain?  We are the walking wounded, afraid to reach out because we know that there is rejection around every corner.  Bridget and I have talked about being there to support other survivors who are going forward with their claims once our claims are done.  The knowledge of someone who has been there can be invaluable to the next person.

The VA allows you to bring anyone into the room that you want.  The only stipulation would be that you have to allow the person filing the claim to do all the talking while your job would be that physical support and encouragement.

If you need support, or if you could be support to someone else, please consider replying to this blog post.

As for me…I will do my best to be my Brother’s/Sister’s keeper.  On Monday I am going to contact the state Service Offices for the Veterans Service Organizations and let them know that this is something I need to help make happen.



4 Responses to “I Will Be My Brother’s Keeper”

  1. bookwitchery Says:

    Hi Joan.
    I found you through Jay’s blog.
    I’m in a weird spot right now so not a lot to say, but I wanted to let you know that I’ve read some of what you’ve written and I appreciate your strength and bravery.

    No, not just pretty words. (And really, are they very pretty at all? So sad that we need to use them so often.) I do feel the strength coming from the words you are spilling out on the page. Keep going. It does help.

  2. enemyinthewire Says:

    Thank you so much for your support. I have seen your comments on Jay’s blog as well. If you ever need anything, feel free to drop me a line! We even have our own email for this site…


    No, the words are never really pretty. I know that when I left the military I left several young women behind under the thumb of a very dangerous and hateful man. This is the only true and clear voice that I can have, to raise up and say we have to stop this!

    Blessing to you!


  3. jayherron Says:

    In the biblical stories we learn of how the fisherman were out in the sea and the waters turned so rough it scared the most hardened of the men. The Lord was along-he settled the rough seas and somewhere along the line got out of the boat and walked on the water!
    I’m not religous-so my definition of what took place may be a tad askew…
    Now Peter was sitting in the boat and marveled at this-and the Lord told him it was safe and Peter came out and walked on the water too!

    Peter is us! Every living soul is a disciple just as Peter-but interesting that Peter was the one chosen for this feat on the waters surface-because Peter is the one who is so much like we are (a person).
    Remember how Peter begins to think over the circumstances-he bgan to sink-he began trying to figure it all out on his own-like we do-instead of putting his whole trust in God.

    I went through the C+P in Janurary-scared to death just as you were. I hated to tell the doctor my story-he was no one to me. It was all him against me-as I see it.

    Funny thing during that interview-there were two loud crashing noises in the hallway…they both scared me so bad I levitated out of the chair-I nearly grabbed the doctor the second time. I am blind in my left eye and can only use my right hand-because of a stroke 12 years ago,and the lights too-blinded me,I could hardly see the guy-but for some reason I saw his reaction to my reaction. It was a sincere nod of pity.

    The response came day before yesterday-NO to my appeal for full unemployablity-but they continued my 70%.
    I feel that is the level of my ability to stand on that water with the Lord-my ability as a man,and the Lord is showing me that I am not alone-the Lord stands with us (which some may not know to believe) and our faith will help us prevail.
    Standing up-coming forward and saying we were attacked in this way is POWER. We may not sense it fully-but we are pioneers in the battle for the many many others who are alone out there-and have no idea this battle can be fought!
    We are leaders-and yet we still have hurdles of our own to overcome! That is why Peter began to sink-trying to over take these hurdles on his own.
    Each one of us are also likened to be the Lord too-as we stand and walk on the water we are reaching out our hands to say to another-come on,it is safe…well,we do falter on this “what is safe”?
    However-this is what we are doing!
    We are guides to help the other silent wounded.
    Like you found my blog-someone else is looking too find the same,for answers and support and strength-to be able to step out of the boat and seek justice (if any can really be found in all of this)

    Your bravery yesterday-and your telling about it-is paramount to helping another.
    God is blessing you-slowly as it is with everyone-but blessing you the same!

    • enemyinthewire Says:


      I’m so sorry to hear the things did not go well with your appeal. It is funny that you mention the two large crashes because while I was waiting with the nurse for my hearing I kept noticing a figure in the hall walking back and forth. I caught him out of the corner of my eyes a couple of times. It turns out it was the doctor. Call me Paranoid…but I can’t help but wonder if he was “testing” my claim.

      The story of Peter walking with Jesus on the water is the perfect example of walking through our lives. I try so hard to focus on the good things around me. I try to live in joy, not because of the circumstances, but in spite of the circumstances. I know that Jesus is there, holding my hand, walking beside me. He sends people into our lives to help hold us up on that water when the fear and the weariness overwhelm us and we want to sink.

      Everyone grab a hand…let’s make this walk together!



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